Here is why sewing is a great preoccupation and a hobby

Do you sew in your free time?
Have you taken fancy to those cute little boxes probably sitting in your mum’s or granny’s rooms? Did you ever feel so drawn to the sewing experience that you have thought that you must learn the art to be able to hand it down to your children?

Has this got you interested?
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The bed linens, the pillow covers, the cushion, and the backrest, the table cover, you name it and it was made by me. Then, I started making for a local charitable place a stone’s throw away from my home.

  • I would love to escape with my machine into solitude and not be bothered for hours while I gained my composure and channelized my energy in making some useful craft for home.

  • Years later today, I am instantly transported to that environment metaphysically whenever I see someone using that kind of sewing machine that the female relatives in my house used to!

Saving mullah!

That torn dress, that worn out hat and that lovely hanky that you are so emotionally attached to would ultimately have been tossed into the garbage bin or to some charity if you had not known the lovely skill of redoing it and refashioning it to either make it repairable and use it again or refashion something else out of it and recycle it for own use or as a gift!

You would never know how creative you are unless you actually catch that pair of scissors and paddle away to glory. I was god sent to them to be able to do it for them so that they could sew away in bliss!

The noise of pedalling of sewing machines and the scissors clicking would give us the familiarity of being at home. Giving away things for use at the home and to participate in the garage sale.

To us the children the sound used to be so in tandem and musical tat once in awhile when they were out picnicking or gone to see a invalid relative, the house would sound empty almost like it was haunted.